The Moore Wedding

Imagine a wedding on a private ranch in Southwestern Colorado. Now imagine that it’s fall and all of the aspen are in peak color. Taylor and Evan had an absolute ideal setting for this aspen filled outdoor wedding. Filled full of DIY details in a rustic setting.

Outdoor wedding in the aspen near Durango, Colorado

Bear Creek

Taylor and Evan walk the Bear Creek trail from their homemade canvas tent down to their ceremony site. The Bear Creek Ranch, their grandfathers piece of private land buts up to this popular public trail.

Bride and Groom walking away from their wedding tent near Durango, Colorado

The tent

Evan spent his summer constructing this beautiful canvas tent, parts of which were his grandfathers. The tent lies in a beautiful secluded field above the Bear Creek Ranch.

Kissing in an aspen field during a wedding near Durango, Colorado

The Aspen

This wedding couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time. The aspen were in full force, oranges and yellows flared in the background everywhere you looked.


The jeep

How’d you like to roll up to your wedding in a vintage Jeep? In standard Moore fashion, they knocked it out of the park. The jeep entrance has got to be one of the coolest entrances to a ceremony ever!

Wooden wedding sign Colorado
elevation rico colorado
groom wedding photo portrait durango colorado


Evan and his groomsmen spent the night before the wedding preparing a pig roast. The pork was in the ground smoking for 13 whole hours before it was served for dinner. How cool is that?

blind fold praying before wedding first look


Instead of a first look before the ceremony, Evan used a handkerchief to blindfold himself so that he and Taylor could pray together before their ceremony.