Colt & Hannah



Jewelry designer

ceramic artist

doggo lover

coffee addict

and creative visionary



Bicycle enthusiast

rock climber

wannabe surfer

desert fanatic

and connoisseur of baked goods.

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We’re based in Durango, CO. We love exploring new places and capturing love stories amongst natural scenes.  Together, we have traveled (almost) all over the world by bicycle. From the colorful towns of Cuba to the mountains of Peru. Our favorite spaces to explore happen to be in our backyard, The San Juan Mountains and the desert of Southern Utah.

When out wandering, we’re always looking for a good location for our couples. Because we’re always out adventuring, we are able to find incredible locations that are unique to our couples. We don’t shoot the same locations over and over because that’d be lame. We want our couples to know that their location is unique, so they can return to that special spot for years to come.

Most of our sessions are done working together but occasionally we work separately depending upon packages.


What’s it like to spend your wedding day with us

aka… making sure you actually like us.


Our Style


Our goals when shooting your wedding are:

  • Have fun - This is supposed to be one of the best day’s of y’alls life. Our goal is to make the photo taking process fun.

  • Blend in - We’re the kind of photographers that are going to be their for the perfect moments, but we’re not the type to have you put your jewelry on 5 times so we can get the perfect angle. Take the first time the dad sees the dressed up bride for instance, we will be there to take a couple of incredible photos and then sneak out so you can have your special moment in private.

  • Make some awesome imagery - Obviously this is our number #1 goal. We’re try to make each wedding, elopement, or engagement look 100% unique. We’re creative and we think thats a huge reason our couples choose us. Too many photographers do their same shots over and over, making all weddings look similar. That’s not our style!



Stories are what drive us


Ever try and tell a good story without reaching for your phone to show someone a photo? Images help enhance stories, it just makes them better. That’s why our goal is to tell a story with out images, from the beginning of the day to the end.



We keep it real


Their are plenty of emotional moments on a wedding day

  • The father giving away his daughter

  • The first look

  • The first kiss

  • Toasts

  • And way more

We capture the moments of your day and all of the emotions that go along with them. Because at the end of the day, you’d rather have a picture of your dad with a tear on his cheek, displaying real emotion, before you’d want a perfectly posed photo.